Klang Valley Cyanide Nuke route

Malaysiakini has run an article point out the severance of Gold mining in Kampung Bukit Koman using cyanide.

The news reveal two “Cyanide route”. One is the route of cyanide pollution contaminate and poison underground water, which sip into Pahang water source that propose to channel to Klang Valley.

While another cyanide route are the transportation of Cyanide. Cyanide are transport through a 144km route, passing through dense Klang Valley populated area. The route from Port Klang, to Klang, Petaling Jaya, Kepong, Selayang, Batu caves and enter the Genting Highland highway stretch.

There is learn that little to NONE disaster management should the
cyanide breach on the way of transportation.

Unlike inflammable material, a breach of cyanide salt during transportation are a disaster no lesser degree than a nuclear explosion. Grain of cyanide salt can be blow by winds to long distances.

Australia EPA produce Section 46 Report and Recommendations of the Environmental Protection Authority Title :Transport of Solid Sodium Cyanide, Change to
Environmental Conditions
show lots of shocking facts

Solid sodium cyanide is a white deliquescent crystalline solid and is classed as a Scheduled Poison (S7). Short term exposure to sodium cyanide by all pathways is considered to be highly toxic to humans. It is also toxic to aquatic life, birds and animals. Sodium cyanide will
decompose on contact with acids, acid salts, water, moisture and carbon dioxide, producing highly toxic, flammable hydrogen cyanide gas. Most cyanides, including sodium cyanide are water soluble and spillage can potentially contaminate wetlands, rivers and groundwater.
Cyanide however, oxidises and breaks down by a variety of mechanisms and is not persistent in the environment.

When a spillage happens, the Cyanide transport drivers are the FIRST to response to the spillage to contain the containimation. According to infamous Bolehland culture, the public never know how well the drivers are trained, and whether protective wear are compulsory for the driver. In addition, we have no idea whether a monitoring vehicle follow the cyanide transport, to carried out the control and evacuation procedure should the cyanide transport driver killed in a crash.

And all this add up to the gold extraction cost at Bukit Koman. The cyanide mining at Bukit Koman, Raud are NOT just Pahang problem, but a disaster waiting for happen for Klang Valley people.

If this happens, only one slogan will be adequate for Bolehland government : How many citizen you want to kill today.

Disaster can’t happen because people like me “bad mouthing” about it. But due to chain of minor ignorant by people. It just wait for the last straw that broke the camel back.

Perhaps this is how Barisan Nasional achieve the 1-My vision : DEATH by cyanide.


One Response to “Klang Valley Cyanide Nuke route”

  1. Jefus

    The process is called gold cyanidation. Full explanation is found here. The issue would be more of the run off water from the process as it would then get into the water table system and hence the food chain. Causing eco damage and ultimately poisoning.

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