Malaysia blogger vs Local cooperate culture

Suanie just blog her experience : the switch to digi – how i ended up with the yellowman .

There is something special about this topics. Yes, you wouldn’t see this in those “hotline” complain in any mainstream newspaper.

First, it cannot be censored by Malaysia mainstream media(MSM) , not because Suanie “neutrality” of prefer the yellowman, but because both Maxis and Celcom are MSM paymaster.

Second, it is a thesis of Malaysia local telco way of conducting business and services. How Digi did that when a heavily subsidies GLC such as Celcom deliver is NOT rocket science. If you happens to have friend work in any of the 3 telco, or have a chance to walk in their office and sniff their surrounding, you will notice the different.

Yes, it is the cooperate culture. Perhaps a culture shock, when compare Digi vs Maxis and Celcom.


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