Malaysia Boleh Culture : Slavery

Posted On 26/06/2009

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75% Malaysian mongrels?

75% of Malaysians (in a sampling of 769 respondents) ‘expressed the opinion that maids should not be given a day off every week.’

Yes, most of people employ Indonesian maid are Chinese.

I am not surprise at all. As Chinese myself, 75% are not a surprise figures. Just look at Penang, it took the Chinese people 20 years to get tire with the worsening condition and kick out KTK. When it took so long to bury some politickus parties, it take longer time to eradicate the master-slave mindset from this post-colonisation land.

When the Malays play the “Ketuanan”, the Chinese employer have their own version of master slave. Oh, don’t forget the Sabah, Sarawak, the situation there is no getting any better.


One Response to “Malaysia Boleh Culture : Slavery”

  1. Jefus

    Dont burst a jugular on this, Moo-T,

    <BThe four major areas where Western employers shows an edge over the Chinese employers in terms of their treatment of filipino domestic helpers are : atmosphere of work environment, consideration, socio-psychological distance and personal space. This is the result of the in-depth study conducted by the Chinese University of Hong Kong on how domestic helpers in Hong Kong are treated by their employers.

    source here.

    They would hang out at Nathan Road, on Sundays. We are not unique, it happens elsewhere as well. As well as in Singapore ( Orcahrd Road on Sundays).

    If the miads are happier, they wont toss babies from high rise flats.etc etc,….. and aunties won’t do their ironing on the maid’s back,…..happiness all around.

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