Urban Malaysian rarely plant basil

Posted On 05/07/2009

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I just read from the newsfeed about a blogger “discover” basil at her grandmother home .

Once upon a time, I am naive as well. In fact, Basil are found abundance in our surrounding. Except Malaysian are never cultivate it as ordinary vegetable.

Basil seeds, are call “biji selasih” in Malays, or the famous “frogs egg” in the rose syrup drink . I bet few Malaysian now a days know that the basil seed are germinateable. The “biji selasih” sold in the market are actually not sterilise. So in correct condition, it will germinate.

It is true that basil is a “cheap” plant, that you should just plant it youself than buying it from the market. Because it can be grow easily under Malaysia weather. Nevertheless, due to basil strong essence oil, somebody don’t like to plant it at their home. It is a plant that either you likes it or hates it.


One Response to “Urban Malaysian rarely plant basil”

  1. Alex

    Do you know about the market for herbs such as basil, marjoram and oregano?

    moo_t : do you mean market price?

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