Transformer 2 : Hollywood need transformation

Posted On 06/07/2009

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– How many people can differentiate autobots and decepticon from the screen, especially during the fighting scene?
– My dear, even the cartoon transformer already show the simple technique, fix colored energy weapon, for different faction.
– Why the super-advanced disguised transformer need more than 5 seconds to transform?
– Hmmm, am I looking at some medieval armor plating armor warrior
– Japannese Ultraman monster fighting shots much better
– We all watch Matrix before, it is a waste of time to render complicate fighting CGI on screen.
– Why you must make some character like clown than giving more depth to them?
– Megatron are suppose to be the villain in transformer, he never take order from others. Unless he need to make deal with others.

Overall, this sequel are slightly better than Terminator 4. Better CGI than the dark scene T4. It is much fun to watch, and learn the flaw of current day big budget Hollywood movies. Transformer 2 will definitely make it into classroom material, to show movie student why few director are able to manage battle scene.

Actually, reading imdb Transformer 2 review are as fun as the movie.


One Response to “Transformer 2 : Hollywood need transformation”

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