Malaysia education : Thinking not allowed

Dr Azly Rahman just wrote his view on the english teaching in math and science.

Bahasa Melayu has its own dignity but do not have the power to become a language of postmodern science and technology. In its current form, Bahasa Melayu is being destroyed by its own internal contradictions and suitable only as a language of literature and Malaysian bureaucracy. Everytime it tries to transform itself into a language of science and technology it become closer to becoming yet another periphery of the Center; it becomes subservient to the English Language.
Bahasa Melayu is fast evolving into a language of Ketuanan Melayu; abused for political reasons. Language is an expression of culture and helps construct the social reality of that culture. The phrase “kedaulatan Bahasa Melayu” is not a necessary slogan. No language has a dimension of Divine Sanctity unless it is pegged to the concept of “kerajaan” or the maintenance of this or that status quo however oppressive it may be. In this case, no race in Malaysia is challenging the dignity of the Malay language. I believe it is merely a political play.

And the gems is hiding in within.

To erode the influence of Ketuanan Melayu and to start thinking of being Malaysian and to start asking critical questions about history, teach the subject in English. It is a liberal enough language to accept many points of view.

That’s the key on how Malaysia lift the colonisation mindset, to THINK in order to rediscover people around us. The country already late for 50 years.


One Response to “Malaysia education : Thinking not allowed”

  1. Jefus

    “Asked on an online poll which saw some 80 per cent pollsters voting against the government’s decision to revert the teaching and learning of English to the Malay language, Muhyiddin said the decision was final and that it was done after a nationwide survey.”

    taken from MI

    The Leaders of a country does not consider populists opinions but has the future of the country focussed for a long span of time. This separates true leaders and pretenders. The number of final decisions is staggering and has done serious damage to the working population.

    The Malaysians in the coming generations will suffer due to this populist path taken.

    “He also said that the government would task the Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka and the Malaysian National Institute of Translation to translate science, technology and mathematics terminologies into the Malay language.”

    same source,…

    Just how many people are there to translate them all and then again in three years time? For that is how fast technology is evolving these days……

    Who are we fooling? And all these, just to fish for votes,…..

    moo_t : Unfortunately, so call populist movement are actually byproduct of 50 years education, media policies, etc. It is difficult to break off the bad cycle. 😦

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