Watch out what happens in China

Ni Kuang (Hong Kong famous Chinese sci-fi novel writer)

Recently, lots of view are using “possible eruption ” to describe unrest and revolt happens in China. All are due by dictatorship local China government with uncontrollable graft and corruption. Human history always repeat itself, due to cause and consequences, no country are able to avoid the cycle repeat itself.

“Possible eruption” are mild and conservative prediction. The recent civil unrest in China, are indeed “erupting” in progress. If anyone observe the civil unrest happens in China, whether large or small, civil confrontation happens everyday.

In civil confrontation happens in JiangXi Nangkang city, about tens thousands of civilian burned ten police patrol vehicle. In fact, police patrol vehicle has become primary target during any confrontation.
And another extreme case, in JiangXu district, JiangYun town, thousand of resident surround the mayor Wang Xi Nan and pummel him. The mayor, instead fight with the “anti-government” civilian, with police help, take a protection and flees.

In subsequent civil confrontation, people against much higher ranking officer. Chinese people, especially the Han people, has a weak wills to fight with unjust system. However, weak will of fight doesn’t mean lack of will to fight. When people unbearable to the extreme corruption, the people will rather fight than dies quietly.

In Hong Kong, a group of people praise communist party, tell Hong Kong people pay tribute to the communist party. A tick curtain can’t cover up the rotten corpse smell. Even you can’t see it, you stills smell it. Perhaps those “patriotic” people are late. The civil confrontation continue to erupt. Large number of police force are put into civil confrontation suppression. It works for the temporary time being, and the suppression method will become more violent. Will the suppression able to continue indefinitely? Well, I can’t find such example in history

倪匡 — 倪租界


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