Aussie know nuts about China mentality

Posted On 13/07/2009

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Rio Tinto exec’s detention could hurt China .


Financial Services Minister Chris Bowen told local television that Chinese government officials must be aware of this. Rio executive Stern Hu was detained in Shanghai last week and has been accused of stealing state secrets.

“It should also be a concern for the Chinese government that if foreign businesses feel that their degree of uncertainty is high, it will change the way that foreign businesses around the world approach business in China, and approach the placement of executives in China,” he said.

Oh dear. we don’t know whether riot in XingKiang subside by the suppression. But it is always a good time for China government use the “foreign confrontation” as diversion.

Furthermore, China pile too much minerals and more number show China energy usage doesn’t match the GDP growth. Perhaps a confrontation with the Aussie are what China government intent for .
Bare in mind that, China help Rio Tinto stock rebound when the buy over talk start. Australia stand to lose more and America are NOT going to help them either. Because a failing China is worst than COLLAPSED Rio Tinto.

Good luck OZ. Now you know who you are dealing with.


2 Responses to “Aussie know nuts about China mentality”

  1. Jefus

    u shud dig up and see how China handled the sudanese government with oil,….

    or Angola, ….. or, Zambia…… or, Gabon…..

    too many already,… all mineral rich nations

    moo_t : Yes, China has become industrialise exploitation country. And this has been foreseen many years ago in The problem of China by Bertrand Russell, wrote in previous century.

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