Police, MACC : It is all about politics, political body

Malaysia main stream media continue to evade the root of the cause. The federal government, police and so called ‘anticorruption’ MACC, try to repaint themselves with all sort of sugar coat.

Yes, what happens in front of Malaysian, are NOT governing problem, but political.

KPI are useless to evaluate and assess the performance of ANY Malaysia law enforcement. When the monitoring system missing, NOTHING can fix it. Because it is political problem.

Najib and his eunuch mainstream media machinery will continue to portrait propaganda to remove the political factor. But every incident, just point back to the root : the political system behind the government.

As in real life, the King continue wearing his “new cloth”, and parade the city, with the help of media and his machinery.


One Response to “Police, MACC : It is all about politics, political body”

  1. Jefus

    ” Let the police investigate” says Muhiddin


    My Gawd!! The left hand is wiping shit from the right hand!!! There never was / is in the recent past, present and future any confidence in that body. ( Which is supposed to exude confidence and trust ) I cringe at the statement.

    Separation of political office, federal government, legal system etc mean nothing. Everything is one big blur. What a sorry state of arrogance.

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