MACC – Malaysia A Corrupted Commission

Malaysia Agency of Cow and car?

Please stop humiliate cow and car, they don’t deserved that shit.

MACC are actually stand for
Malaysia A Corrupted Commission

Putrajaya are dead silent about this. All ruling government political party head are in grave silence. No, they are not mourning about the death, they are just asking their fengsui master advise the “best” time to bullshit.


2 Responses to “MACC – Malaysia A Corrupted Commission”

  1. Jefus

    there is a pregnant need for an independent party / body to investigate this. i do not see – closure in the investigation of a doubtful body handling this.

    firstly, i see via the news media, documents and cctv footage taken in for investigation days after the incident.

    then, no news whether statements were taken from the people last seen with him. the longer this is delayed, the better it is cooked. hence its urgency.

    the slanted mass media playing up race agenda – should be ashamed of themselves. this is a hunt for the murderer/s out there. if uncaught he/they may strike again, emboldened by the fact that the responsible bodies are inept / perfectly useless in apprehending them

  2. Jefus

    Teoh’s death probe: No CCTV footage of him leaving building (Update)

    Star online.

    Now that is an oxymoron. Wonder who creates gems like these.

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