UMNO media propanda : will we see consciencies voices from “silence” Malays?

Posted On 20/07/2009

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UMNO say they represent the Malay.

When Nazi take over Germany, Adolf Hitler say the similar, Hitler say Nazi represent Germany.

However, German Novelist Paul Thomas Mann (6 June 1875 – 12 August 1955) held a different view, he say : Woich bin,ist Deutschland ( Germany is at the place I stand).

Humanity consciences are important factor that determine the value of any community. If the community ignore it, it is catastrophe await ahead. No power can stop the punishment of the natural course.

Malaysia Malay community are undergo a process similar to cultural revolution . Few consciences liberal Malay are fighting the insanes and being label as “traitor”. It is a tough war, as umno keep ignore the global trend and change of climates and continue to use nationalism and colonisation propaganda to suppress dissident voice within.
If the trend continue, and majority Malay choose to keep their silences than voice their consciences against umno propaganda , it won’t take long for Malay culture self destruct.

It happens before, and it will happens again.

When China culture are destroy in cultural revolution, there is still cultural “backup copies” around the world, in Taiwan, Hong Kong, various place.

Alas, Malays community doesn’t have cultural backup copy luxuries.


One Response to “UMNO media propanda : will we see consciencies voices from “silence” Malays?”

  1. Jefus

    Cultures apart, a life has been lost. What needs to be ascertained is, how Teoh spent his last moments, who he was with, and who did him in.

    Justice must be served. And the perpetrators punished. Malaysia needs to know this and confidence needs to be restored.

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