Battlestar Galatica(2004) : something to learn about guilt suppression and humanity

When Battlestar Galactica(BSG) remake in 2004 , the old time fan just though it is yet another Sci-fi movie. At the end, it become the highest rated Sci-Fi movies, not because of its gadgets or fancy effect, but story of humanity, free wills and consciences.

It is never mean for simple entertainment, but more of philosophy. If the movie such as Transformer 4 and Terminator 4 are good entertainment to you , then BSG are not you cuppa.

The show keep evolving closely towards humanity conflicts. Choice make by human under various condition and with politics in play. This including suppression of freedom, human rights and even involve act of genocide activity that bombard the viewer from various ethical angle.

The plot of surrounding such topics show up even during the first episode. When the human race on the run from slaughtering by a cybernetic race (of their own creation), the military has shoot down a civilian shit that show give a nuclear warhead signature. When the story develop further, even the cybernetic race comrade, Caprica Six, question herself the necessity of genocide of billions, which is against their own core belief.

Even better, there is a brief description of guilt suppression under the story line.

And those are basic introduction for us to understand the various humanity government which perform MACCed.


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