ISA protest vs 1947 Hartal : What happens before, will happen again

In 1947, All Malaya Hartal(boycott) was called, and it has cause the British colonial government to lost £4 million. Or nearly few hundred millions ringgit converted to today value (after inflation adjustment).

Today, Malaysia media keep blow up the RM 200 millions “possible” business losses, evade Malaysia police forces foul play on road block, but point the finger towards the Abolish ISA protestor.

I always say, Malaysia government are one of the many 3rd world country that refuse to learn from history. No media dare to touch anything about 1947 All Malaya hartal, which are similar protest towards British colonial government brutality.

Isn’t the reason are obvious? Barisan Nasional are the “NEW” colonial master. I just love Najib propaganda machine keep this kinda spirit up to make people view UMNO as yesteryear British colonial master.

By the way, Malaysian are NEVER forgetful. Malaysian or Melayu mudah lupa are Mahathir own hallucination and self create myth.
People just suppress and submerge their feeling, nobody can forget the government wrong doing. Few voice up because many haven’t being push into the corner.

Malaysia economy scales and GINI coefficient tell us that it is the government policies are causing the high crimes rates and low production.

Nobody sure when it will erupt. But the days is sooner than we think. 2012 election are near. The current government has little idea what to do when 2015 Malaysia become net oil importer.


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