I feel ashamed on those “protest cause inconveniences” view

A group of people going to the street, fighting for our future generation, prevent the government continue using the terrorist machinery of ISA, yet , I am not participate it.

Yes, the protest cause massive jam, cause “business losses”, and it give trauma to those “passerby”.

But there is nothing I will condemn, but thankful and shameful. Thankful because those people take the water canon, tear gas for me, and continue fighting the course that will change our society to better place to live. To turn our country from a 3rd world colonial system to a first world standard.

I feel shameful because I didn’t join. I feel shameful because many citizen with immature mind still think politics has nothing to do with them.
I feel shameful because it is how the people before us fight colonial master. Not because they enjoy fighting, nor to cause “inconveniences”, but to change the fate waiting ahead. Some people never realise, the cycle of history are much cruel than one can imagine.

For unknown reason, the Karma flow stronger than ever. Is it due of global warming?


One Response to “I feel ashamed on those “protest cause inconveniences” view”

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