Najib ISA Review : a 2000 years old monkey tricks

The oldest Chinese Toa philosophy book ZhuangZi, beside being the world oldest book that describe liberalism, it also the oldest book that talk about humanity foolish through moral story.

In one of the chapter that talk about equality, a story was told.

A man call Ju be friend with a group of monkey. During a season, due to shortage of food, Ju cut the ration of pine nuts. Ju told the monkey, “I will give 3 nuts in the morning and 4 nuts in the evening”.

All the monkey dissatisfy, show their anger and scream.

Ju change his tone, and say, “How about 4 nuts in the morning and 3 nuts in the evening”.

The monkey though more nuts are given, so they happily accept it.

Currently, the ISA act let the government arrest ANYONE without trial for 60 days, and to continue the arrest using the same reason INDEFINITELY. According to Najib, it is going to revise to 30 days, but still, his government keep the arrest without trial and INDEFINITE detention term.

Najib, all his cabinet minister, umno and BN coopeartive , are treating Malaysian like monkey, as describe by Zhuangzi 2000 years ago.


One Response to “Najib ISA Review : a 2000 years old monkey tricks”

  1. Jefus

    Revised version of ” Tales of the golden monkey”

    You can run as far as possible within the realm of UMNO land, but you will still be within the grasp of the five pillars of democracy,…….which has been rigged to crush you, trapping you for thousands of years!…… :(((((

    What a sad tale. This page must be turned. Malaysians must be rescued from this predicament.

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