1 Malaysia lean to communism

Posted On 06/08/2009

Filed under Food for thoughts

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Tok Guru Nik Aziz are correct when he say umno will turn the country into communist.

Let’s inspect some quality o

  • Slogan – done
  • Propaganda and false news machinery- utusan,nst,berita harian : done
  • Governmental elite class abuse of power – done
  • Government machinery terrorism (aka white fear) – done
  • Police abuse – done
  • Demonised dissident – MACC, done
  • Enable draconian unlawful and abusive act – ISA, done
  • Refusal to transfor economy – done
  • Poison the education with rubbish – work in progress
  • Brain drain – work in progress
  • Exploit the country resources – work in progress
  • Information censorship and filtering – work in progress

The list goes on and on.


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