Toyol are baits for PAS leader with weak mind

More and more PAS leader bring stupid issues up to shaken PR alliance in state level.

Most of this people involve have either directly or indirectly talk to umno, whether openly or behind everyone back.

When looking at infamous toyol that roam freely, I learn it is something very wrong there. It seems umno are shameless about a mb getting rich with abuse of power.

After looking at those PAS leader roars about stupid issues in PR government, I realise infamous toyol indeed has it usefulness on convincing PAS leader that falls for the quick monetary gain.

I bet when those people talk, infamous toyol will be bring up countlessly, e.g. he is still roaming freely,”letter of guarantee” from 1-Malaysia for exploitation, perhaps even with a “immunity” of ISA. Woots, carrots and sticks.

Anything is possible in Bolehland. But most of the possible are because of money.


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