Will excessive road block and police booth make Malaysia safer?

Malaysian will see more road block and police booth setup in various location.

Will it stop those desperate people from broke in the house? Will it stop snatch thieves ? Will it stop car jacking and all various crimes?

Yes, it will work in pre-open economy China, when everyone equally poor.
Today, even with a public security(Police in china) force much more larger than Malaysia, China failed to prevent the excessive street crimes.

In addition, we have hurt enough story of Bolehland police reject cases. It is an effective way to skew the KPI. By then, will 1-Malaysia The Bolehland set up another Royal Inquiry committee to inspect the validity of those crime reduce KPI? 😉

Let see how many 100 days will 1-Malaysia The Bolehland media pick up the idea to relate GINI, NEP and corruption.


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