Hassan Ali should ask to ban Malaysia muslim from entering EU/US

Lulu Wonders, How-lah If Their Children Get A Scholarship to UK or US

I also wonder.

Why don’t Hassan Ali and his umno and pas supporter ask federal government to ban any Muslim student from taking scholarship or entry into EU/US university.

Since alcohol are abundance in those country. And Hassan Ali and all his “rigtheous” Muslim cannot impose ban of alcohol in those country. The best way is ban all Muslim student from going to these country.

Oh wait, why not ban any PAS and umno member from entering any country that sell alcohol? Let me see, Hassan Ali cannot enter Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Japan, …. the list are countless.


2 Responses to “Hassan Ali should ask to ban Malaysia muslim from entering EU/US”

  1. Jefus

    tax proceeds from genting berjaya sports toto tanjung magnum should be separated as they are haram. utilisation of these proceeds should be monitored.

    moo_t : Agree. Similar to NEP, now the government can hire more people to handle this special requirement.

  2. Jefus

    and then theres carlsberg, anchor, etc, wines, hard liquor etc etc,… all the tax proceeds set aside.

    moo_t : The list are countless. A lots of product doesn’t pass the halal seal. In fact, alcohol are not halal, a chicken that not slaughter in halal way also not halal.

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