An English black eye from Utusan, Bolehland prosecutor and Bolehland high court

Whenever I am not sure about an English word, I will either
1. Look inside the shareware WordWeb in my computer.

2. Google the dictionary and check the meaning of it

I don’t have a paper English dictionary anyway.

It seems the 3 stooges newspaper (NST, U-M and B-H) are too busy,too greedy ($$$$) to serve the political master, thus downplay their own intelligent by neglect various fact in history, moral and now, language.

What’s better
1. The prosecutor using tax payer money to bail the political propaganda machinery to create the case.

2. Whoever in Bolehland high court, has allow the case to go through without inspecting validity of the claims.

Besides the “correct-correct-correct” scandal, Bolehland j***** system just create another jokes from “ultra vires”.

Howsy has a countless list of
interesting English term .


One Response to “An English black eye from Utusan, Bolehland prosecutor and Bolehland high court”

  1. Jefus

    it goes further than pleading ignorance. and a lame one at that,…. I remember Dr M in the witness stand with his attempts to remember certain things,….eeeer selective memory loss i think,…:))))

    he was not doing his work diligently and he was twisting the facts,… there are laws for that too. and his bosses let it slip pass them and it was in print. no excuses can negate the fact that people have read it.

    Jagdeep Singh Deo must now drive it home -have the court find Utusan Guilty. Utusan must be held responsible for its printed matter. itsn’t that how it should be,…..

    Can that happen? And I tell u now,…no. and we know the answer why

    moo_t : Unless Jagdeep Singh strike another court case against utusan, otherwise, the court cannot writing a guilty verdict against utusan.

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