Zhuangzi Wisdom (3) : Dragon slayer vs brain drains

In the world history, Taoism philosophy are few that speak out things beyond their era.

Zhuangzi has tell a story about a dragon slayer :

A man call ZhuPin, learn dragon slaying skill from ZiLiYee , after spend a thousands gold coins and 3 years, he learn the skill. But there is no place to prove his skill

In 2000 years, the interpretation of dragon slayer story, are though to be critique of individual learning useless “high end” skill.

By reading the whole line, there is not a single word talking about “useless” of dragon slaying skill. It is just another beyond the era thinking leave by Zhuangzi.

In today world, in fact, there is many people train with different “dragon slaying” skill. In fact, dragon slaying is similar to today “specialist” skill.
When you put a specialist in wrong environment, there is no way the practice their skill.
For example, ask a brain surgeon to do dentist works, a rocket scientist return to home country that no interest in high tech, etc. The lists are countless.

In fact, the main reason of 3rd world country failed to sustain brain drain are mainly due to their policies. Because the expert “dragon slayers” can’t practice their skill if the environment don’t allow “dragon” to live there.

In Chinese world, many important proverb are come from “ZhuangZi”, the books. Those thousands year old proverb are still in popular in mandarin world : ZhuangZi philosophy of human social are so well though, few thinking can compete with it by the test of time. Not even the so called “Confucianism”.


One Response to “Zhuangzi Wisdom (3) : Dragon slayer vs brain drains”

  1. Jefus

    wisdom transcends time

    as for brain drain, there’s the political migrant and then theres the economic migrant. filipino, indon doctors, nurses can be found abroad when there is no persecution in their own countries.

    the greener grass always attracts the hungrier ones

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