AH1N1 pandemic : Business continuity plan? You must be kidding!

There is some talking about business continuity related to AH1N1 pandemic. However, few government officer understand the idea of business continuity.

Malaysia government actually in dire dysfunctional that a small trigger, can cause a domino collapse of multiple department.

We see Miniter of Health go shout out how serious is AH1N1 , but Najib, the pm, and muhiyiddin, the dpm, are still shaking his leg, let various department scatter like loosen sand as usual.

Even more interesting, the “close” cooperation are found in all political driven agenda, such as MACC, jurisdiction, propaganda machinery.

So what happens to Ministry of trade(MITI) when come to AH1N1 and business continuity work? Nothing. Ministry of Tourism(MoT) that bring the tourist into the country? The minister play down the issue.
Minister of education(MoE) are clueless and flip flop in daily basis on the school closure decision. And ministry of local housing development system fail to identify method to isolate the pandemic.

When najib fooling around with his anti-democracy idea, deploy police to prevent mass protest, no preventive measurement are made. Beside the gas mask wear by the the tear gas troopers, the plain coat police has no idea about AH1N1.

When the death toll of AH1N1 jump near to 2%, there is still lack of action from various governmental body. And on the top up those, the pathologist that being assign for Teoh Beng Hock case, say it is “standard practice” to wash the forensic postmortem desk with water, ignoring the common sense of possible pandemic virus infection.

Even the election commission has not idea on the AH1N1 prevention work for the coming by election. Borrow the deceased MGG Pillai words, Malaysia indeed in auto-pilot mode when come to AH1N1.

More and more facts show that, najib are more interested on fooling with slogan and seizing power from various Pakatan Rakyat state, than running the country properly.

Business continuity is a plan that require a strong policies backing by the government. Because it spell lots of investment and promotion on internet infrastructure. Alas, Rais yatim idea of censored ship will further bog down the infrastructure.

It is useless for some business to implement the business continuity plan if their client didn’t have a facility to tag into the plan. When come to business, it took two hand to clap.

Maybe the mighty nature has some plan for Malaysia. A holiday plan perhaps?


One Response to “AH1N1 pandemic : Business continuity plan? You must be kidding!”

  1. Jefus

    india experienced the plague some yrs before

    china the hong kong bird flu

    both know how it can flare up fast and furious very quickly. learning from others is very difficult if u r self proclaimed boss.

    moo_t : It is similar mentality to “ketuanan”. 😉

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