Darwin awards (1) : It is stupidity that cost their life

Our world are never short of stupid people. Some goes to the extent by ending their life in unimaginable way.

Just read this 12 Aug 2009 news from the mandarin Chinapress.

2 Workers falls (one dies on site and another injures badly) when inspecting a beehives locate outside federal government building,Penang. 3 workers was up there when the incidents happens.

When I read this, two thinking brews in my mind :

  • The elevator are well build, why the workers doesn’t wear the safety harness and tag it to the elevator?
  • WTF is the federal government safety policies on all its building.
  • WTF are these contractor worker thinking? Does Bee-N appointment status make you invincible from bee stings?

Safety policies? Oh wait. We know there is none from Malaysia federal government, we all learn it from TBH case.

A industrial grade safety harness cost less than RM150.

More reading from thestar
Maintenance worker plunges to his death in bee attack

Othman Yusof, 53, fell 20m to his death from a gondola while trying to remove a beehive.

One of his colleagues also fell and fortunately survived the fall, while another clung onto the gondola but was stung more than 100 times.
ACP Azam added that the case has been classified as sudden death.

Sudden death, not industrial negligence. Great.


One Response to “Darwin awards (1) : It is stupidity that cost their life”

  1. Jefus

    the safety net has been breached. was there HSE man to brief them of their job hazards?

    passing the stupidity will not bring them back and does not free those responsible of their safety.

    moo_t: Ignorant and stupidity are separate by a thin line. Even Man are suppose to learn from mistake, it doesn’t mean for mistake that not causing life lost.

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