MACC Klang malatov cocktail incidents : MACC hidden office

Source from thestar online

The MACC moved into the old land office about two months ago and occupies several office lots on the second floor of the building with its complement of 12 officers. Previously, the MACC Klang branch headed by Jamilah Hanafi was located at a bungalow in Jalan Istana.

Klang branch? Jalan Isatana ?
Let Google dig the infamous MACC website, you will find NOTHING about its Jalan Istana, Klang branch information.

And it is pretty INTERESTING when PDRM setup TONS of road block recently, they FAILED to detect such act in a place so close to Istana Alam Sham (Alam Shah Palace).

Even better, how the hell MACC go get “detected” when they play STEALTH and hide themselves in a “high-class” place, that few Malaysian know about, except the rich. According to iproperty land for sale, a 13830 square feet bungalow land ask for RM 660,000, or RM47.70 per square feet.

My conclusion? I just keep my eye rolling.


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