Enemy within

There is enough condemn from various blog site about the cow head dragging plot. Human are their own worst enemy are always true.

In fact, human does all sort of stupid things to defend things that they don’t need them to “defend”.

Even content religion such as Buddhim, are never short of such destructive “defender”.

There is such buddhist story being told for long time

An older monk and a young monk on their way return to the temple. They reach a shallow river. In the mean time, a young girl with new dresses pass by, hesitate to cross the river.

The old monk learn the girl problem, and offer to carry the girl from his back. The girl accept it and the older monk carry the girl on his back, while the younger monk just watching.

After depart with the young girl, both monk continue their journey. For long distance, the younger monk broke the silence, “I think you shouldn’t carry the girl, isn’t it against the buddishm teaching?”

The older monk answer, “I already put down the girl. Why you still carry the girl for this long distance? ”

The centric of Buddhism teaching are about “putting down”, thus it is not surprise that no “jihad” declare by the Buddhism society when Taliban destroy the Bamyan Buddha giant statue .

In fact, idol worship and various ritual are never part of Buddism teaching. It is true to say the same to Taoism. Indeed, Chinese temple is merely a fusion of the Chinese culture with the religion and philosophy.

For many call “follower”, it is blasphemy for a girl wearing miniskirt to enter the Buddha temple. But in the eye of Buddha, it make a little different when looking at a naked girl , a cricket, a piece of stone,etc

When I look at cow head dragging photo, it make me laugh.
Since Islam forbid worship of idol, why those “defender” drag the cow head(an idol) that are scarce to the Hindu.

Why the “defender” carry the idol in their head for all this time. The mentality is similar to Taliban destroying the Bamyan Buddha : they cannot get rid of it in their mind, so they must “put it off” with some physical action.


One Response to “Enemy within”

  1. Jefus

    what is more worrisome is who are behind these individuals who did his/their bidding?

    the damage is far reaching – google Indian news media ( the country not the race ) and many other international news media as well – the damage has been done.

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