Stupidity and arrogant can spread : First MACC, now MCMC

Posted On 05/09/2009

Filed under Funs, Jokes, politics

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Besides MACC, MCMC is a well known INFAMOUS regulator body that BOW to the big bucks corporate and their political master.

The quality and work of MCMC are NEVER in par with US FCC. Always, MCMC are too lax when come to canning big telco wrong doing. Too slow when taking consumer complain. In fact, MCMC is yet another Bolehland dysfunctional department.

I am no surprise to see MCMC “show cause” letter send to Malayskini.
Is this mean MCMC don’t want people to see the stupid banner in the video clip?
Take Beeer!

Relax lar MCMC, Take Beeer.

By the way, Malaysiakini can always publish the clips into youtube. I bet MCMC don’t have a guts to write to Google, a company 10 times bigger than the combination of TM, Maxis and Digi. Slime don’t have backbone.


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