RM 218 millions throw out suit will lead to “greener” election in future ;)

According to Malaysiakini news, Court throws out RM218 mil suit against Umno .

Apparently, umno election campaign supplier for 2004 GE, Elegant Advisory, failed to collect its RM 218 millions bills, for so many years.

Nevertheless, the RM218 millions of material are pretty interesting amount, it show that Malaysia Election commission are cow(-ard) investigating such anomaly of spending.

Imagine this, umno campaign material already cost RM218 millions, and can you imagine all those “helper” during the election. And I bet the material doesn’t cost so much, most of it , are the “makan makan” fees 😉

This Is 1 more Malaysia Boleh.

Perhaps the suits help reduce the plastic wastage in subsequence election. You never know.

umno go green. LOL.
Wait, it is PAS symbol that is green. Oh well…


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