Compatibility fun time with windows 7

Oh dear.

Some user just cannot resist Windows 7 interface,  like guy looking at new gadgets on shelf.

Unlike gamer and business computing user, they have little idea Windows 7 will break old application.  Sometime it is not the fault of this user, but company that they attach to.

In Bolehland (AKA Malaysia),  some large cooperate IT have no idea about technology handling.  They simply lock into technology features that simply incompatible in future OS.  So when they roll out the software with little compatibility test, user will do the install- uninstall-reinstall rush.

Because the company doesn’t do it right to inform the user about the compatibilities issues. Not in the user email , nor their support website.

When a user ask me whether their newly upgrade Windows 7 will run their cooperate software, I just give a smirk.

Should I help them to put Windows 7 XPM (XP Mode)?  Well, they will not appreciate the help until the dateline, why bother.


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