Quick Windows drivers bluescreen repair

Posted On 11/11/2009

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So here is the quick and dirty way to fix it.

  1. Download Ubuntu Super Os . Install as bootable CDROM or bootable thumbdrive.  You may download Knoppix if you want more choice.
  2. Boot Ubuntu thumdrive or CDROM
  3. Open the file manger,  go to the hard disk, this should show as “XXX GB Hard disk”
  4. Under Ubuntu, when you open the windows hard drive, you will notice it is mount as /media/disk
  5. Go to /media/disk/windows/system32/drivers
  6. Create a empty folder
  7. Move all file under /media/disk/windows/system32/drivers to another directory
  8. Now insert Windows installation CDROM . Copy the whole cdrom /i386 folder to /media/disk/i386 .  Make sure the subdirectories are copy as well.
  9. Reboot System, boot from the Windows installation CDROM
  10. Skip the Recovery console screen and go into the Windows installation screen(should be the 3rd screen).  Click “R” to choose repair.  Let the system run.
  11. After the system copies and replace file into the system, at some stage , in some machine (e.g. netbook) it will ask for some missing file location. just key in  c:\i386
  12. Keep answer the same folder location until the installation done.


  1. Combofix is an useful tools to fix your windows system according to Microsoft specification.  Besides stopping viruses, it can use to fix corrupted windows settings. Combofix is a pretty safe tools.
  2. Run hijackthis to remove unwanted startup file. Make sure you know what you are doing.

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