Android SDK on netbook : some tips & tricks

Posted On 31/05/2010

Filed under Androids OS

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It seems with adequate RAM (2GB), running Android with the Eclipse IDE is really not a big deal. But that is the development part.

Wait until you start the emulator to test the software, prepare for some slower-than-snail surprise. It will take 5 to 10 times (from 5 minutes up to 15 minutes) longer compare to system using dual-core CPU(less than 5 minutes).

And not to my surprise, when running Android ADT, you don’t want to run ANY flash program in the background. It will just eat up all the CPU and make the emulator take forever to load up. And due to Google Chrome keep creating thread when you surf the net, it will compete with the emulator on the RAM usage. Do take note that even a Pentium-M notebook with 2GB RAM run the emulator faster than the low power atom processor. And the emulator navigation may become jerky if you run application that take up the memory.

Anyway, you can keep the emulator open to reduce the loading time.

As long as you keep the memory usage below 400GB, the emulator will start smoothly.

For more tuning, you can check out buru tips that I found from the web :
Android development on a netbook


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