Windows 7 bleeding edge : Blue cube 3.5g modem problem

Posted On 31/05/2010

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im using os win7 ultemate..but when i use blue cube 3g 3.5g usb my laptop it not work say display not support on this blue cube….how can i can fix it?plz help me…..

Apparently, this is common issue for all software that solely build from Windows XP era and the software builder yet to upgrade to cope with Windows Vista/Windows 7 .

Worry not, most of the occasion, user like ishak should just suppress the message and just run it, the program will execute anyway. Even for those “Unsigned Driver” that not certify under Windows 7, you can do the same. But instead of suppress the message , just press “Continue”, “Continue Anyway”, “OK”, etc to go ahead.

What if the legacy USB hardware driver doesn’t work? Well, there is one last resort. For those using Windows 7 Ultimate/Professional, they can download Windows 7 XP Mode, load the XP, pass the USB modem/hardware to the XP mode platform. Just beware, Windows 7 XP mode does not work 100% with all legacy hardware. In such case, you need VMplayer. Just convert XPmode using VMware converter and put load it up using VMplayer.

For those cannot install Windows 7 XP mode, you can alway install the free VMplayer(registration require), install Windows XP inside it (you need to take care Windows XP activation yourself), start it , plug in the modem (your mileage might vary, some computer need minor tuning for the USB device when using VMplayer)


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