MCMC : another hopeless Bolehland gestapo

Posted On 11/09/2009

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Cow-head videos: MCMC comes a-calling again. And guess what MCMC looking for?

The seven-member MCMC team, which included three digital forensics experts, demanded Malaysiakini to hand over the original tapes of the two videos.

The team, led by Mohd Syukri Jamaluddin, has also sought to copy certain parts of the hard disk from two Malaysiakini computers used to edit and upload the videos.

This is to establish a ‘digital trail’ from the original video footage to the final uploading of the two videos.

This is pathetic. MCMC is NOT even a good enforcing body over many of telco frauds, negligence. And yet, they are fooling around with some ‘information’ that under a gray area. Even they are under the MIS-information ministry, why mcmc waste their time on getting digital video footage puzzle me. Original tape? Oh dear, this is digital age. mcmc best friend – Uncle Ho already know this long time ago, a digital copy is as genuine as the original.

Apparently, mcmc, like its brotherhood of macc, are playing gestapo under the umno umbrella. In fact, the function of Gestapo are not function as law keeping body, alas, it is a regime bouncer to mute or even kill the dissident, in order to prolong the lifespan of terror regime.


RM 218 millions throw out suit will lead to “greener” election in future ;)

According to Malaysiakini news, Court throws out RM218 mil suit against Umno .

Apparently, umno election campaign supplier for 2004 GE, Elegant Advisory, failed to collect its RM 218 millions bills, for so many years.

Nevertheless, the RM218 millions of material are pretty interesting amount, it show that Malaysia Election commission are cow(-ard) investigating such anomaly of spending.

Imagine this, umno campaign material already cost RM218 millions, and can you imagine all those “helper” during the election. And I bet the material doesn’t cost so much, most of it , are the “makan makan” fees 😉

This Is 1 more Malaysia Boleh.

Perhaps the suits help reduce the plastic wastage in subsequence election. You never know.

umno go green. LOL.
Wait, it is PAS symbol that is green. Oh well…

Fatal failure of Sec23 Shah Alam protest

Posted On 04/09/2009

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Spotted by the hilarious The Malay Male

Take Beeer!


Using the famous lolcat caption, this should be “Religious protest , you are doing it wrong”.

One Malaysia , More hypocrites

Posted On 30/08/2009

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My conclusion after read Malaysia Prime Minister, Najib Tun Razak national day.

One Malaysia, More hypocrites.

Enemy within

There is enough condemn from various blog site about the cow head dragging plot. Human are their own worst enemy are always true.

In fact, human does all sort of stupid things to defend things that they don’t need them to “defend”.

Even content religion such as Buddhim, are never short of such destructive “defender”.

There is such buddhist story being told for long time

An older monk and a young monk on their way return to the temple. They reach a shallow river. In the mean time, a young girl with new dresses pass by, hesitate to cross the river.

The old monk learn the girl problem, and offer to carry the girl from his back. The girl accept it and the older monk carry the girl on his back, while the younger monk just watching.

After depart with the young girl, both monk continue their journey. For long distance, the younger monk broke the silence, “I think you shouldn’t carry the girl, isn’t it against the buddishm teaching?”

The older monk answer, “I already put down the girl. Why you still carry the girl for this long distance? ”

The centric of Buddhism teaching are about “putting down”, thus it is not surprise that no “jihad” declare by the Buddhism society when Taliban destroy the Bamyan Buddha giant statue .

In fact, idol worship and various ritual are never part of Buddism teaching. It is true to say the same to Taoism. Indeed, Chinese temple is merely a fusion of the Chinese culture with the religion and philosophy.

For many call “follower”, it is blasphemy for a girl wearing miniskirt to enter the Buddha temple. But in the eye of Buddha, it make a little different when looking at a naked girl , a cricket, a piece of stone,etc

When I look at cow head dragging photo, it make me laugh.
Since Islam forbid worship of idol, why those “defender” drag the cow head(an idol) that are scarce to the Hindu.

Why the “defender” carry the idol in their head for all this time. The mentality is similar to Taliban destroying the Bamyan Buddha : they cannot get rid of it in their mind, so they must “put it off” with some physical action.

15Malaysia : The Tree

Posted On 29/08/2009

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Sound straightforward but not.
As noted by Tok Guru, it doesn’t matter what you plant, as long as it benefit the people, the natures. Whether cash crops or gardening.

Alas, it is more than just simple “merit”. People DESTROY the rainforest to plant the palm oil, will destroy the natures gifts that benefit to the animals, and the natives that depends on the forest. The destruction of “replant” doesn’t give enough “merit” to offset the sin of the people that doing it.

It is just matter of time, people who destroy the natures punished by the natures. In near future, human being cannot find the medicine that cure deadly outbreak, because we destroy it, hence , destroy ourselves.

15Malaysia : House

House by Linus Chung.

Are the case isolated? I think no, this even happens to middle class.
Imagine if those stay in a “brick house”, can’t afford to pay the bank loan, though the house will not be abolish, they will lost their home forever.

The teacher talk about “future” house , isn’t it coherent with Malaysia government mentality? Malaysia government has a sick mentality of craving for “development”, pro “establishment”, and ignore the less unfortunate. When this mentality extent to the school teacher, it will pollute the young one and thus, they have little to no sympathy to the minority and those unfortunate.

Like Yasmin Ahmad in the end of the movie, Malaysian must learn squad down and make conversation with those less fortunate people.

I support umno and its media call to close down ALL Malaysia mandarin newspaper

I dare NST, Berita harian, utusan malaysia editor to pressure the internal affair ministry to close ALL Malaysia mandarin newspaper.

This is great to help najib to project his one malaysia.

No Chinese paper? Great, because there will be NO, NIL, Nadda news from B-N. No propaganda, no bullshit and cover up. No more annual license renewal, no more talk to MCA , and two of the Sarawak timber tycoon. Very nice.

As a Chinese myself, I love it. For those reporter and editor work under those paper : sorry lar, you might lost your job. But in the long run, it is good for 1Malaysia. :p

Hmmmm , i should switch out from streamyx to digi broadband. 🙂

MACC Klang malatov cocktail incidents : MACC hidden office

Source from thestar online

The MACC moved into the old land office about two months ago and occupies several office lots on the second floor of the building with its complement of 12 officers. Previously, the MACC Klang branch headed by Jamilah Hanafi was located at a bungalow in Jalan Istana.

Klang branch? Jalan Isatana ?
Let Google dig the infamous MACC website, you will find NOTHING about its Jalan Istana, Klang branch information.

And it is pretty INTERESTING when PDRM setup TONS of road block recently, they FAILED to detect such act in a place so close to Istana Alam Sham (Alam Shah Palace).

Even better, how the hell MACC go get “detected” when they play STEALTH and hide themselves in a “high-class” place, that few Malaysian know about, except the rich. According to iproperty land for sale, a 13830 square feet bungalow land ask for RM 660,000, or RM47.70 per square feet.

My conclusion? I just keep my eye rolling.

Darwin awards (1) : It is stupidity that cost their life

Our world are never short of stupid people. Some goes to the extent by ending their life in unimaginable way.

Just read this 12 Aug 2009 news from the mandarin Chinapress.

2 Workers falls (one dies on site and another injures badly) when inspecting a beehives locate outside federal government building,Penang. 3 workers was up there when the incidents happens.

When I read this, two thinking brews in my mind :

  • The elevator are well build, why the workers doesn’t wear the safety harness and tag it to the elevator?
  • WTF is the federal government safety policies on all its building.
  • WTF are these contractor worker thinking? Does Bee-N appointment status make you invincible from bee stings?

Safety policies? Oh wait. We know there is none from Malaysia federal government, we all learn it from TBH case.

A industrial grade safety harness cost less than RM150.

More reading from thestar
Maintenance worker plunges to his death in bee attack

Othman Yusof, 53, fell 20m to his death from a gondola while trying to remove a beehive.

One of his colleagues also fell and fortunately survived the fall, while another clung onto the gondola but was stung more than 100 times.
ACP Azam added that the case has been classified as sudden death.

Sudden death, not industrial negligence. Great.

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